• Weight Loss & Management
  • Health & Fitness Improvement
  • Maximize Athletic Performance

” I Am A Competitor”

Performance Maximization

  • I love pushing myself.
  • I want to improve.
  • I am highly self-motivated.
  • I do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • I am driven to be the best in my sport.
  • I am willing to make major sacrifices in order to hit my goals.

“I’m A Fitness Enthusiast”

Health & Fitness Improvement

  • My day isn’t complete without a workout.
  • I am committed to training hard.
  • I set fitness goals & try to hit them.
  • I strive to stay in shape & live a long healthy life.
  • I am ready to take my fitness to the next level.

“I Am Frustrated”

Weight Management & Weight Loss

  • I am searching for motivation.
  • I am looking for a better quality of life and am willing to make sacrifices to attain this.
  • I need help in achieving my goals.
  • I have tried to lose weight in the past, and I am now ready to do it the right way.

Take the Frustration Out of Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

Weight Management & Weight Loss

Weight Management & Weight Loss

  • Use a DEXA Scan and RMR test to determine your current health
  • Get a customized plan to help you manage your weight loss
  • Measure your progress to see how much fat you're losing
  • Receive ongoing support by a professional nutritionist
Weight Management & Weight Loss
Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

  • Learn how to train effectively based on your needs
  • Get a custom plan based on your health and fitness goals
  • Learn how much fat, visceral fat, and muscle mass you have to give you a baseline of success for the future
  • Understand your body composition

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Take control of your fitness today

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

  • Utilize cutting edge technology to determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn the severity of muscle loss
  • Get a professional custom plan based on your goals
  • Measure and test regularly to determine how to improve
  • Use technology your competitors might not know about

Bone Health and Wellness

  • Most women over 50 will break a bone due to Osteoporosis
  • Understand your bone density with a DEXA Scan
  • Determine if you are at risk for Osteoporosis
  • Receive a custom nutrition plan Use a DEXA Scan and RMR test to determine your current health
  • Measure your improvement with follow-up visits

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Take control of your fitness today

More Than Just Weight Management

Weight Management & Weight Loss

Fitness & Athletic Performance

Nutrition & Lifestyle Improvement

Very enlightening as far as how much I can eat and what I can eat. I am hoping this has a great effecte on weight loss efforts. I did the body scan and RME evaluation. I think it's going to help me a great deal
Robert Keller
I got a dexa scan here, and at that first visit I bought a package so I could come back. I’m so glad I did because this has been a great way to track my progress. I’ve now been measuring for the past year. I used to get so caught up on the scale, but this is such a better way to really see where your body is at. Plus It’s very clean, welcoming, and the staff is awesome!
Sarah Prebola
My Dexa scan appointment began on time and was easy to do. The results were far more meaningful to me than a BMI estimate in terms of setting my future health goals. I plan on getting a second reading in about six months to confirm I am moving in the right direction. Knowing is so much better than not knowing.
Steven Keyes
Got my first DEXA Scan! Lost 13 poounds in 2 months thanks to their meal planning.
Joel Sellentine
Had a Dexa scan performed. They are very professional.
John Doney
If your body doesn't work well with fad diets you may be missing an important step in your health. The tests offered by My Fit Body 360 will help you find out your personal body makeup. They also offer assistance with what you eat.
Cindy Knight
I had a great experience at Fit Body 360! I did the VO2 Max test and the young lady that did my test was FANTASTIC. She explained everything in great detail and she was very encouraging as I was racing for my life on the treadmill! Test results were very detailed and I'm very happy with the overall experience!

How A DEXA Scan Works

You Can Achieve Your Goals!

See why people looking to lose weight or improve their fitness benefit from using our state-of-the-art technology.


Understand what’s on the inside.
A DEXA scan will tell you body composition, bone density, visceral fat, muscle mass, and more.

RMR Test

Understand what’s on the inside.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test tells you the metabolic rate and gives a baseline for improvement.

Max V02

Custom nutrition plan based on your goals.

The VO2 Max test helps determine precisely how intensely you should exercise in order to burn fat.

Fit 3D

Understand what’s on the outside.

Fit3D is a body scanning technology that gives you a precise view of your body shape and measurements.


Custom nutrition plan based on your goals.

Using your body composition & metabolic rate helps understand how to plan for your ideal nutrition plan.

How It Works


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