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My Fit Body 360, serving men and women throughout the Detroit metropolitan area in Washington, Michigan, is a leading health, wellness, and fitness center. The company’s wellness and fitness experts know that each individual is different and arrives with a history of successes and failures, and they strive to get to know their clients personally, helping them clearly define their fitness goals and not just reach them, but exceed them.

The team at My Fit Body 360 combines this personalized approach with some of the most cutting-edge fitness technology available today, which provides all the data they need to create the perfect plan for each client. No matter where people are in their fitness journey, My Fit Body 360 helps get them to where they want to be. It can be intimidating to start making drastic lifestyle changes, and fitness is a lifelong process, so the team strives to support their clients through any challenges that arise.

The My Fit Body 360 experts are here to provide the motivation and accountability people need to become their best. The wellness and fitness professionals understand what men and women are going through, and they’re excited to help.

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FitBody 360 Is Now Offering Health and Lifestyle Coaching!

Living a life based on overall health and wellness mindset encompasses all aspects of life! From nutrition, relationships, work, sleep, exercise, spiritual and so much more. Here at FitBody 360 we strongly believe that health and wellness lifestyle is every choice, decision and action that an individual make, and therefore building a mindset of healthy habits and routines that can enable making the right decisions easier in all areas of one’s life.

Our health and lifestyle coaching program are designed to create an environment for everyone with the assistance of a personal lifestyle coach. Our coaches help individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals, overcome challenges, and establish life changing habits.

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Founder, Author & DEXA Guru


Nutrition Coach & Wellness Advocate

B.A. Psychology and Media Production, Minor in Writing, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer


NASM Certified | Performance & Exercise Coach

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