Learn How Ground-Breaking DEXA Scan Assesses Your True Fitness Level

Learn How Ground-Breaking DEXA Scan Assesses Your True Fitness Level-1808785
Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, or DEXA, scans are commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and assess bone loss, but the scanner can tell you so much more. When measuring your bone, it also tells you how much of your body is made up of lean mass and fat. Knowing your body composition is key to knowing your fitness level and achieving your fitness goals.

How does DEXA scan work?

A DEXA scan puts forth a small dose of ionizing radiation, which takes detailed pictures of your body and measures bone loss. To have the scan done, you lie on a table and the machine does the work. You do need to lie very still and may have to hold your breath gently for a few moments to ensure the most accurate pictures.

What information does a DEXA scan give?

A DEXA scan measures your bone density, which helps you understand how strong your bones are and your risk of fracture. In terms of fitness, however, DEXA scans also measure your lean mass and fat mass. Lean mass is that of your organs, muscles, water, and tissues.

Knowing your ratio of lean tissue to fat tissue helps in determining your true fitness level. You may have a normal weight, but if much of that weight is made up of fat, you’re slower and weaker and have a lower resting metabolism.

A DEXA scan can also measure your visceral — or deep— internal fat levels.

A high amount of visceral fat also indicates a less-than-fit body. Visceral fat is found deep inside your belly and wraps around your internal organs. The presence of significant amounts of visceral fat raises your risk of developing chronic disease, including heart disease and diabetes.

Why choose the DEXA scan for body composition analysis?

A DEXA scan is considered the gold standard when it comes to measuring your body fat percentage. It’s incredibly accurate, unlike body fat scales or calipers, which have a notable error rate due to inferior technology or human error.

How does body composition knowledge help improve fitness?

When you accurately know your lean mass to fat mass ratio, you can set specific body composition goals and track your progress over time. You become a better runner or biker when you have a higher amount of lean tissue, or muscle, to power you through workouts. A lower body fat percentage means less fat tissue weighing you down.

If you want to look lean and sculpted, a lower body fat percentage is essential, too. The less fat you have covering up muscles you work hard for, the more they pop with definition.

Lean mass is also more metabolically active than fat tissue. It takes calories to run your active bodily systems such as your muscles, organs, and brain. When you have a lower body fat level, you burn more calories at rest. Fat is storage tissue, so it doesn’t require a lot of calories to support. A lean body makes it easier to maintain or achieve your ideal weight.

Set appropriate fitness goals and know exactly how to diet and exercise to reach them with the analysis you get from a DEXA scan. The team at My Fit Body 360 can help you in this process so you become as fit as possible.

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