Fit3D Scan Helps Track My Progress

How Does a Fit3D Scan Help Track My Progress?
A 3D body scan gives you all the data you need to keep your fitness goals on track and show you the progress of your effort. At My Fit Body 360®, we provide the state-of-the-art Fit3D scan, which helps men and women track their weight and fat loss progress and visualize their goals. Learn how this technology can help you in your quest for a slimmer, fitter you.

What is the Fit3D scan?

The Fit3D scan is a specialized device that scans your body and gives you an accurate view of your body shape and measurements. It’s an improvement over evaluating yourself in the mirror or doing countless tape measure measurements — and it’s more precise.

You can view scans from week to week or month to month right next to each other to truly see the changes you’re making. These are changes that are substantial, but because they’ve occurred over time, you don’t notice them. The Fit3D scan can help you see the real impact your fitness routine is having on your body.

What does a Fit3D scan measure?

The Fit3D scan offers more than 200 measurements. Among these include the girth of your hips, waist, thighs, arms, and abdomen. You also get a body composition reading (your percentage of fat to lean mass). The technology even informs you of your body fat percentage by body part so you know where you’re carrying your extra weight.

The data that the Fit3D scan provides helps you assess your progress and your health risk. It also helps you understand your specific body type and the patterns by which you lose weight and gain muscle. Armed with this information, you and your trainer can devise a fitness routine together that targets the areas on your body that need the most work.

Are Fit3D scans discrete?

You wear form-fitting clothes for the scan, such as thin shorts or spandex-type shorts and a sports bra (women). The information on the scan is shared with you and your trainer. You can decide if you want to share the results with anyone else. Each time your repeat the scan, you can see how your body is changing — you see progress happen right before your eyes.

The Fit3D scan can help you stay accountable and focused on your goals. When you see results tangibly at each reading, you’re more motivated to eat healthy and follow your fitness routine. When you exercise to lose weight and change your body composition, it can be frustrating at times because your gains (and losses) can be hard to see. Photographs don’t always give you the dramatic results you want. You may not see the number on the scale changing, even though you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. But with the Fit3D scan, you can see these changes and celebrate them.

Let My Fit Body 360® create a comprehensive fitness plan for you that includes the Fit3D scan. Call our office in Washington, Michigan, to schedule an appointment.

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