How Does Fit3D Fit Into My Fitness Plan

Need a little motivation to embark on a fitness plan? Fit3D shows you how your body is changing with your diet and exercise efforts. These live, interactive reports provide more than the numbers you get spit out of a body fat analyzer.

You can see a visual image of the changes your body is making. At My Fit Body 360, we compare images of you to you — you can actually see how your old body compares to your new one.

If you want a visual push to stay engaged in your fitness plan, read on to learn how Fit3D works.

About Fit3D Scan

Fit3D Scan offers a three-dimensional image of your body. In just 40 seconds, the machine scans your body and creates a 360-degree image. It calculates your body composition (fat percentage compared to lean body percentage) based on 450 measurements.

You undergo regular scans as you lose pounds and add muscle. You get regular scans and compare them side-by-side to see visually how your fitness routine is truly changing your physique.

Fit3D also monitors your progress when it comes to posture and balance. This plays a role in your physical performance, appearance and injury prevention.

Using Fit3D as motivation

When you can see the changes your body is making over time, you’re more accountable for each workout. The scans show you where you’re losing fat and developing muscle. This helps you see, in real-time, how your body has changed because of your commitment to your health. 

When your body makes gradual changes, it can be hard to notice them. The Fit3D scan reminds you of the progress you’ve achieved.

You notice what is working when it comes to your fitness plan and how it’s making changes in your body. The scans also help your My Fit Body 360 trainer develop a plan for you to meet your goals. They can see what areas of your body still need to be targeted with your fitness routine. The scans are the most state-of-the-art way to track your progress and make tweaks to your fitness and diet plan over time.

Fit3D is part of your plan

Fit3D works along with other innovative measures of progress offered by our specialists at My Fit Body 360. You still benefit from DEXA scans to measure body fat and muscle mass in the most accurate way possible.

Fit3D does offer a better visual than photographs, clothes comparisons, and checking out your physique in the mirror. You see in real, comparative ways how your body has improved. The technology features a comparison overlay, which allows you to actually put your new image on top of your old image and see exactly where your body has changed.

You can load the images to your mobile device too, so you can always reference them. No more paper printouts that get lost or misplaced.

Call My Fit Body 360 if you’re ready to take advantage of Fit3D and all of the other state-of-the-art tools provided to get your body in tiptop shape. Or set up your one-on-one consultation using our online tool. We can’t wait to work with you.

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