VO2 Max Test

How the VO2 Max Test Can Help You Throughout Your Fitness Journey

When you want the best workout to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals, a VO2 max test is a must. This test calculates the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that can be attained during the most intense exercise possible. In short, it tells you how efficiently your body uses oxygen during exercise.

VO2 max grows with you and gives you a wealth of information along the way. Read on to learn how this test, which we offer at My Fit Body 360, is indispensable to your fitness goals.

Information included in a VO2 max test

Yes, the test tells you your oxygen consumption, but this information has real, applicable value. When you know how much oxygen your body uses, you understand better how intensely you can exercise by pinpointing the heart rate level you should strive to work at to burn the most fat and build the most stamina.

A higher VO2 max indicates that you can process oxygen more efficiently and deliver it to working muscles, so you can technically work out harder for longer.

How VO2 max information helps you reach fitness goals

You may think VO2 max measurements are just for hardcore endurance athletes, such as marathoners or long-distance triathletes, but this just isn’t so. Anyone who wants to improve their fitness on any level benefits from a VO2 max test.

Many people experience the frustration of putting in ample time at the gym but seeing limited (or no) results in terms of weight loss, improved cardio endurance, or a leaner physique. When you exercise without knowing your VO2 max, you may be under, or over, exercising, so you aren’t working hard enough often enough or might be working too hard too often. Both approaches give you lackluster results when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

With a VO2 max test, we here at My Fit Body 360 are better able to put together an exercise regimen to advance your fitness and physique goals. We help you work smarter, not just harder, when it comes to getting fitter.

You want just the right combination of interval training and steady state training to support your fitness goals. And if these goals change over time, your VO2 max test scores help you make these changes.

VO2 max changes with you

A VO2 max test isn’t a one-and-done episode. Periodically having your VO2 max tested shows you, and your team at My Fit Body 360, how your work and program are helping you make fitness gains. Usually, you see an improvement in VO2 max after several weeks of the right training.

As you get stronger and more efficient at using oxygen, the trainers adapt your workout program to meet the needs of your fitter body. This ensures you don’t plateau in terms of results — you can keep improving your fitness levels.

And if your VO2 max isn’t improving, it may be time for a tweak in your program or in your commitment level. A VO2 max test may be the incentive you need to recommit to fitness.


Getting a VO2 max test is simple. Talk to our team at My Fit Body 360 to learn how to schedule yours.

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