Start the New Year With the Right Wellness Coaching Team in Your Corner

The end of a year puts a spotlight on the fact that you’re not living your best life when it comes to your health and wellness. You’re ready to start afresh, but just aren’t sure what steps to take — or even what goals to set — to start to feel better and maximize your potential emotionally and physically.

At My Fit Body 360, we can help you assess your current physical and emotional state and help you set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall wellness. Offering the right combination of wellness experts, My Fit Body 360 helps you identify your goals, strengths, and challenges. We even set plans of action for you and evaluate them throughout the year to keep you on track or modify them as your schedule and goals change.

What does wellness entail?

Wellness includes your eating and physical activity habits, but it also involves so much more. At My Fit Body 360, we help you understand how nutrition, relationships, sleep, work, exercise, and spiritual practices affect your well-being. Every choice, decision, and action you take affects your wellness.

When your actions align with your goals of feeling better and living your best life, each day represents progress toward greater wellness. The experienced coaches at My Fit Body 360 can help you establish life-changing habits and overcome challenges that stand in the way of your ultimate wellness.

What does wellness coaching include?

Our team at My Fit Body 360 works with your strengths and values to create long-term strategies to achieve your wellness goals. You’ll feel inspired, empowered, and motivated with the help of your wellness coach.

We work in collaboration with you and personalize your plan. We offer nutrition support so you start eating in a way that maximizes your energy, helps you achieve your weight goals, and deters chronic disease. 

With VO2 max testing, we evaluate your current fitness level and help you achieve your ultimate potential. A Fit 3D scan monitors your progress and shows you how your day-to-day efforts move you in a direction of greater wellness. 

What if I lose motivation?

The wellness coaches at My Fit Body 360 motivate you to stay on track and make those lifestyle changes, no matter how difficult they seem. We break down goals into small steps, so you feel successful along the way. As a result, you’re empowered to reach your larger goals.

Our coaches are interested in you. We want to know your personal situation, your experiences, and what’s worked and not worked for you. We listen to what’s most important to you and where you perceive you need the most help.

Do I need help from the wellness team?

Just about anyone can benefit from outside support when it comes to health and wellness. We all have blindspots or challenges that seem insurmountable.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, achieve a healthier diet, exercise more, achieve specific fitness goals, or prevent chronic disease, My Fit Body wellness coaches can help. Call our office in Washington, Michigan, or book your consultation using our online system. Start today so you get the most out of this new year.

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