Struggling to Lose Weight?

We’re not going to deny it. Losing weight is a challenge. At My Fit Body 360, we want to help you be as successful at it as possible. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you may be working with inadequate information. An RMR, or resting metabolic rate, test can help.

Weight loss is a complex process that is affected by your body composition, age, genetics, and hormones. But the relationship between the calories you consume and burn still counts. When you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. When you reduce calorie intake below what you expend, you generally lose weight.

Not everyone burns the same number of calories, so figuring out the right amount to trim isn’t easy. Charts, formulas, and online calculators can help you guesstimate, but they definitely aren’t accurate. We offer an RMR test here at My Fit Body 360 that gives you an accurate reading of how your metabolism works.

Read on to learn how this information is key in helping you achieve your weight-loss success.

About RMR

Your resting metabolic rate is a measure of the calories you burn by just existing, say if you just sat on a couch all day. Your RMR makes up about 75% of the total calories you burn every day (depending on your activity level) and includes the calories it takes to keep your body alive, such as breathing and fueling your heart.

How knowing your RMR helps

When you know exactly how many calories you burn each day, you can better create a diet and exercise plan that helps you reach your health and wellness goals. Sometimes people just assume they have a slow metabolism, when in reality, their diet and lifestyle are undermining their efforts. They eat more than they think or exercise less. Or they may not lose weight because they unknowingly eat too few calories, resulting in muscle loss rather than fat loss.

Increasing your RMR

If you do find out you have a low RMR, it can explain why it’s hard for you to lose weight. But don’t despair. We can help you increase your RMR through lifestyle and body composition changes.

When you increase your RMR, you burn more calories at rest — even when you’re sleeping — so you can eat slightly more and still drop pounds. You burn more calories when exercising, too, when your RMR increases.

An effective way to boost your RMR is to add more lean muscle to your frame. The team at My Fit Body 360 can help you devise an accessible and effective exercise plan that includes the right strength-training volume and exercises to help you achieve your goals of a leaner body and more efficient metabolism.

Scheduling the RMR test

The RMR test is simple but does require a little preparation. You should not exercise for at least 12 hours prior and fast for at least four hours. Caffeine and nicotine can affect the results, so don’t consume these substances for six hours before.

During the test, you breathe into a tube while lying in a comfortable, reclining chair. The whole process takes 15-20 minutes. Results are ready immediately after, so you can start using the information to help you meet your physique goals.

The RMR test gives you the valuable information to give your weight-loss efforts a boost. What are you waiting for? Call our office and sign up today.